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  You may think,well,dieting wasn't that important to me and I won't make it any how.

  So you abandon the goal and return to your bad habits.


  Suppose the company offered you a pay raise of 50%.Will you be so determined to leave and look for a job elsewhere?

  Yes,I've set my mind on it.I'd like to find the job with full scope to show my ability.


  A foreign airliner was attempting to land at night in mountainous area in Argentina and flew into the hill.

  Tha sounds really terrible.Did anyone surivive?

  No,everyone aboard,including the crew,was killed instantly.


  In some large American city schools,as many as 20 to 40% of students are absent each day.


  We must cooperate with nature and learn better ways to use, not abuse our environment.


  With the next decade bringing greater change than the past fifity years,the people who will design the models of tomorrow believe that the evironmental problems may well acclerate the pace of the car's development.


  Did you know after almost ten years in Unite States, Mr Li still speek English with such a strong accent

  Yes,but he is proud of it.He says this a part of his identity.


  I am frustured. We are suppose to do our assignment on the computer, but I have difficulty getting access to the computers in the library.

  I understand the way you feel.I am looking forward to the day when I can afford to get my own.


  I've just got back from the holiday you arranged for me, but I must tell you the hotel was really awful.It was miles from the sea, the food is awful too. The bedroom was dirty.

  Sorry about that,but it's not really our fault. The contract does say that the hotel accommodation is not our responsibility.


  When the Highway collapsed in northern California,people were killed in their cars.The highway was not built according to today's strict standards to resist the earthquakes.


  On this online branches,customers will be able to view all their accounts,move money between their accounts,apply for a loan and so on.

  Although John completed his assignment quickly and successfully,he was furious when he learnt that the boss had the deliberately assigned them a difficult account.


  Both Jean and Bill are tired when they arrive home at six p.m.Bill is accustomed to sitting down and reading paper or watching TV untill the dinner is ready.


  Sherry,how are you doing with your thesis?

  Oh!my thesis,that's something I definitely don't want to talk about right now.I finish my first draft sometime ago,but my superviser said I should do more research if I want to achieve the quality he expects of me.


  A patient may also acquire a tolerance for a certain drug, which means the patient has to take even a larger doses to produce the desired effect.


  What's more,the study of language acquisition offers direct insight in the how human's learn.


  If the disaster happens,fifity underground stations will be under water. Electricity,gas and phone services will be out of action.


  Will animals and plants be able to adapt that quickly to change in the environment?


  This is hopeless.This figures still don't add up right.Let's to calculations over again.

  Yes,but why not do them tomorrow.It's very late now.


  Not long ago,researchers learned that four-day-olds could understand addition and subtraction.

  The first thing is correspondence, we have a lot of standard letters and forms,so I suppose we need some kind of word processor.

  Right,well,that's no problem. But it may be possible for you to get a system that does a lot of other things in addition to word processing.What might suit you is the MR5000 .That's over there,it's IBM compatible.

  17.additional 7:30

  Sue have more difficult time satisifying her first client,and she took several additional months to actually complete the project.


  After high school, I'd like to go to the college and major in business administration. I really like power and enjoy telling people what to do.

  You're very ambious. But I'd rather spend my college days finding out what children are interested in.Child psychology is for me.


  Polish people are often admired for their immense enjoyment of the arts.


  I have never seen such an interesting show. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I must admit that I felt sleepy during the two hours.


  Drugs often have unwanted side effects.These usually cause minor discomfort such as a skin rash, headache or sleepless.Certian drugs, however, can produce serious adversary action.


  I saw your advertisment in the morning paper concerning the X-20 model.The lens seems to be excellent and flash is not bad.But do you think prize a little steep.

  I think it's a good buy.The prise includes the leather case, you know?


  In order for a chemical to be a consider a drug,I must have capacity to affect how the body works.


  The best time to buy a baby-dog is when it's between six and eight years old so that it can transfer its affection from its mother to its master.


  We've lived here in Thornton for five years now and I think it's time to have the house painted.

  You're right ,Mr Johns, our neigher, just had his house to painted, but we can not afford to do it only if we panit it ourselves.

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