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  Passage Two

  Air pollution is deteriorating in many places around the world. The fact that public parks incities become crowded as soon as the sun shines proves that people long to breathe in green,open spaces. They do not all know what they are seeking but they flock there, nevertheless.And, in these surroundings, they are generally both peaceful and peaceable. It is rare to seepeople fighting in a garden. Perhaps struggle unfolds first, not at an economic or social level,but over the appropriation of air, essential to life itself.

  If human beings can breathe and share air, they don't need to struggle with one another.

  Unfortunately, in our western tradition, neither materialist nor idealist theoreticians giveenough consideration to this basic condition for life. As for politicians, despite proposing curbson environmental pollution, they have not yet called for it to be made a crime. Wealthycountries are even allowed to pollute if they pay for it.

  But is our life worth anything other than money? The plant world shows us in silence whatfaithfulness to life consists of. It also helps us to a new beginning, urging us to care for ourbreath, not only at a vital but also at a spiritual level. The interdependence to which we mustpay the closest attention is that whicl exists between ourselves and the plant world. Oftendescribed as "the lungs of the planet", the woods tha cover the earth offer us the gift ofbreathable air by releasing oxygen. But their capacity to renew the ai polluted by industry haslong reached its limit. If we lack the air necessary for a healthy life, it is because we have filled itwith chemicals and undercut the ability of plants to regenerate it. As we know, rapideforestation combined with the massive burning of fossil fuels is an explosive recipe for anirreversibl disaster.

  The fight over the appropriation of resources will lead the entire planet to hell unless humanslearn t share life, both with each other and with plants. This task is simultaneously ethical andpolitical because can be discharged only when each takes it upon herself or himself and onlywhen it is accomplishe together with others. The lesson taught by plants is that sharing lifeexpands and enhances the sphere c the living, while dividing life into so-called natural or humanresources diminishes it. We must come t view the air, the plants and ourselves as thecontributors to the preservation of life and growth, rathe than a web of quantifiable objectsor productive potentialities at our disposal. Perhaps then we woulfinally begin to live, ratherthan being concerned with bare survival.

  61. What does the author assume might be the primary reason that people would strugglewith each other

  A. To get their share of clean air.

  B. To pursue a comfortable life.

  C. To gain a higher social status.

  D. To seek economic benefits.

  62. What does the author accuse western politicians of?

  A. Depriving common people of the right to clean air.

  B. Giving priority to theory rather than practical action.

  C. Offering preferential treatment to wealthy countries.

  D. Failing to pass laws to curb environmental pollution.

  63. What does the author try to draw our closest attention to?

  A. The massive burning of fossil fuels.

  B. Our relationship to the plant world.

  C. The capacity of plants to renew polluted air.

  D. Large-scale deforestation across the world.

  64. How can human beings accomplish the goal of protecting the planet according to theauthor?

  A. By showing respect for plants.

  B. By preserving all forms of life.

  C. By tapping all natural resources.

  D. By pooling their efforts together.

  65. What does the author suggest we do in order not just to survive?

  A. Expand the sphere of living.

  B. Develop nature's potentials.

  C. Share life with nature.

  D. Allocate the resources.






  63.【定位】根据题干中的closest attention定位到第三段第四句。




  65.【定位】由题干中的just to survive和题文同序原则定位到最后一段。



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