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  Part I Writing.

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Civil Servant Test Craze. Your essay should start with a brief description of the picture. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.





  A.Proceed in his own way.

  B.Stick to the original plan.

  C.Compromise with his colleague.

  D.Try to change his colleague's mind.


  A.Mary has a keen eye for style,

  B.Nancy regrets buying the dress.

  C.Nancy and Mary went shopping together in Rome.

  D.Nancy and Mary like to follow the latest fashion.


  A.Wash the dishes.

  B.Go to the theatre.

  C.Pick up George and Martha.

  D.Take her daughter to hospital.


  A.She enjoys making up stories about other people.

  B.She can never keep anything to herself for long.

  C.She is eager to share news with the woman.

  D.She is the best informed woman in town.


  A.A car dealer.

  B.A mechanic.

  C.A driving examiner.

  D.A technical consultant.


  A.The shopping mall has been deserted recently.

  B.Shoppers can only find good stores in the mall.

  C.Lots of people moved out of the downtown area.

  D.There isn't much business downtown nowadays.


  A.He will help the woman with her reading.

  B.The lounge is not a place for him to study in.

  C.He feels sleepy whenever he tries to study.

  D.A cozy place is rather hard to find on campus.


  A.To protect her from getting scratches.

  B.To help relieve her of the pain.

  C.To prevent mosquito bites.

  D.To avoid getting sunburnt.

  9、Questions 9 to 12 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  A.In a studio.

  B.In a clothing store.

  C.At a beach resort.

  D.At a fashion show.


  A.To live there permanently.

  B.To stay there for half a year.

  C.To find a better job to support herself.

  D.To sell leather goods for a British company.


  A.Designing fashion items for several companies.

  B.Modeling for a world-famous Italian company.

  C.Working as an employee for Ferragamo.

  D.Serving as a sales agent for Burberrys.


  A.It has seen a steady decline in its profits.

  B.It has become much more competitive.

  C.It has lost many customers to foreign companies.

  D.It has attracted a lot more designers from abroad.

  13、Questions 13 to 15 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  A.It helps her to attract more public attention.

  B.It improves her chance of getting promoted.

  C.It strengthens her relationship with students.

  D.It enables her to understand people better.







  A.It keeps haunting her day and night.

  B.Her teaching was somewhat affected by it.

  C.It vanishes the moment she steps into her role.

  D.Her mind goes blank once she gets on the stage.

  16、Questions 16 to 19 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  A.To win over the majority of passengers from airlines in twenty years.

  B.To reform railroad management in western European countries.

  C.To electrify the railway lines between major European cities.

  D.To set up an express train network throughout Europe.


  A.Major European airlines will go bankrupt,

  B.Europeans will pay much less for traveling.

  C.Traveling time by train between major European cities will be cut by half.

  D.Trains will become the safest and most efficient means of travel in Europe.


  A.Train travel will prove much more comfortable than air travel.

  B.Passengers will feel much safer on board a train than on a plane.

  C.Rail transport will be environmentally friendlier than air transport.

  D.Traveling by train may be as quick as, or even quicker than, by air.


  A.In 1981.

  B.In 1989.

  C.In 1990.

  D.In 2000.

  20、Questions 20 to 22 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  A.There can be no speedy recovery for mental patients.

  B.Approaches to healing patients are essentially the same.

  C.The mind and body should be taken as an integral whole.

  D.There is no clear division of labor in the medical profession.


  A.A doctor's fame strengthens the patients' faith in them.

  B.Abuse of medicines is widespread in many urban hospitals.

  C.One third of the patients depend on harmless substances for cure.

  D.A patient's expectations of a drug have an effect on their recovery.


  A.Expensive drugs may not prove the most effective.

  B.The workings of the mind may help patients recover.

  C.Doctors often exaggerate the effect of their remedies.

  D.Most illnesses can be cured without medication.

  Questions 23 to 25 are based on the passage you have just heard.


  A.Enjoying strong feelings and emotions.

  B.Defying all dangers when they have to.

  C.Being fond of making sensational news.

  D.Dreaming of becoming famous one day.


  A.Working in an emergency room.

  B.Watching horror movies.

  C.Listening to rock music

  D.Doing daily routines.


  A.A rock climber.

  B.A psychologist.

  C.A resident doctor.

  D.A career consultant.


  Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are top of a global league table of university reputation-in a top 100 26 by U.S. institutions.

  Cambridge and Oxford make the top 10--but other U.K. universities have 27 , while Asian institutions have risen.

  The rankings are based on the 28 of 17,000 academics. This list is an attempt to quantify the elusive but important quality of 29 in higher education-with its findings 30 the opinions of academics around the world.

  The first such ranking by the Times Higher Education magazine, published last year, had the same top five as this year-with the two Boston-based 31 , Harvard and MIT, in first and second place.

  Cambridge was once again the highest ranking U.K. university in third place, 32 Stanford and University of California, Berkeley. But Phil Baty, editor of the Times Higher Education rankings, says there is an 33 picture of U.K. universities downwards-with fewer in the top 100 and a 34 for others including Imperial College London and University College London. "Our global reputation as the home of outstanding universities has been hit," he said.

  Reflecting the rise of Asian countries as the new education superpowers, there is an increasing presence for countries such as People's Republic of China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

  35 its size and population, Switzerland is also seen as performing well, with three universities in the world's top 100 universities.

  Such rankings published by the Times Higher Education magazine do not have an official status, but they have become an increasingly significant part of how universities market themselves to students, particularly as higher education has become more globalized.

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