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  Six Secrets of High-Energy People

  There's an energy crisis in America, and it hasnothing to do with fossil fuels. Millions of us get upeach morning already weary over the day holds. “Ijust can’t get started.” People say. But it’s notphysical energy that most of us lack. Sure, we couldall use extra sleep and a better diet. But in truth, people are healthier today than at any time inhistory. I can almost guarantee that if you long for more energy, the problem is not with yourbody.

  What you’re seeking is not physical energy. It’s emotional energy. Yet, sad to say lifesometimes seems designed to exhaust our supply. We work too hard. We have familyobligations. We encounter emergencies and personal crises. No wonder so many of us sufferfrom emotional fatigue, a kind of utter exhaustion of the spirit.

  And yet we all know people who are filled with joy, despite the unpleasant circumstances oftheir lives. Even as a child I observed people who were poor or disabled or ill, but whononetheless faced life with optimism and vigor. Consider Laura Hillenbrand, who despite anextremely weak body wrote the best-seller Sea biscuit. Hillenbrand barely had enough physicalenergy to drag herself out of be to write. But she was fueled by having a story she wanted toshare. It was emotional energy that helped her succeed.

  Unlike physical energy, which is finite and diminishes with age, emotional energy isunlimited and has nothing to do with genes or upbringing. So how do you get it? You can’tsimply tell yourself to be positive. You must take action. Here are six practical strategies thatwork.

  1. Do something new.

  Very little that’s new occurs in our lives. The impact of this sameness on our emotionalenergy is gradual, but huge: It's like a tire with a slow leak. You don't it at first, buteventually you'll get a flat. It's up to you to plug the leak--even though there are always adozen reasons to stay stuck in your dull routines of life. That's where Maura, 36, a waitress, found herself a year ago.

  Fortunately, Maura had a lifeline--a group of women friends who meet regularly to discuss theirlives. Their lively discussions spurred Maura to make small but nevertheless life alteringchanges. She joined a gym in the next town. She changed her look with a short haircut andnew black T-shirts. Eventually, Maura gathered the courage to quit her job and start her ownbusiness.

  Here's a challenge: If it's something you wouldn't ordinarily do, do it. Try a dish you've nevereaten. Listen to music you'd ordinarily tune out. You'll discover these small things add to youremotional energy.

  2. Reclaim life's meaning.

  So many of my patients tell me that their lives used to have meaning, but that somewherealong the line things went state.

  The first step in solving this meaning shortage is to figure out what you really care about, andthen do something about it. A case in point is Ivy, 57, a pioneer in investment banking. "Imistakenly believed that all the money I made would mean something." she says. "But I feellost, like a 22-year-old wondering what to do with her life." Ivy's solution? She started aprogram that shows Wall Streeters how to donate time and money to poor children. In theprocess, Ivy filled her life with meaning.

  3. Put yourself in the fun zone.

  Most of us grown-ups are seriously fun-deprived. High-energy people have the same day-to-day work as the rest of us, but they manage to find something enjoyable in every situation. Areal estate broker I know keeps herself amused on the job by mentally redecorating thehouses she shows to clients. "I love imagining what even the most run-down house could looklike withy a little tender loving care," she says. "It's a challenge--and the least desirableproperties are usually the most fun."

  We all define fun differently, of course, but I can guarantee this: If you put just a bit of it intoyour day, you energy will increase quickly.

  4 .Bid farewell to guilt and regret.

  Everyone's past is filled with regrets that still cause pain. But from an emotional energy pointof view, they are dead weights that keep us from us from moving forward. While they can'tmerely be willed away, I do recommend you remind yourself that whatever happened is inthe past, and nothing can change that. Holding on to the memory only allows the damage tocontinue into the present.

  5. Make up your mind.

  Say you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair short. Will it look stylish – or too extreme?

  You endlessly think it over. Having the decision hanging over your head is a huge energydrain.

  Every time you can’t decide, you burden yourself with alternatives. Quit thinking that you haveto make the right decision; instead, make a choice and don’t look back.

  6. Give to get.

  Emotional energy has a kind of magical quality; the more you give, the more you get back.. This is the difference between emotional and physical energy. With the latter. You have to getit to be able to give it. With the former, however, you get it by giving it.

  Start by asking everyone you meet, “How are you?” as if you really want to know, then listen tothe reply. Be the one who hears. Most of us also need to smile more often. If you don’t smile atthe person you love first thing in the morning, you’re sucking energy out of your relationship. Finally, help another person—and make the help real, concrete. Give a massage (按摩) tosomeone you love, or cook her dinner, Then, expand the circle to work. Try asking yourselfwhat you’d do if your goal were to be helpful rather than efficient.

  After all, if it’s true that what goes around comes around, why not make sure that what’scirculating around you is the good stuff?


  46. When it comes to decision making,one should make a quick choice without looking back.

  47. Laura Hillenbrand is an example cited to show how emotional energy can contribute toone's success in life.

  48. Even small changes people make in their lives can help increase their emotional energy.

  49. The energy crisis in America discussed here doesn’t refer to a shortage of fossil fuels.

  50. Ivy filled her life with meaning by launching a program to help poor children.

  51. The real estate broker the author knows is interested in home redecoration.

  52. People holding on to sad memories of the past will find it difficult to move forward.

  53. The author believes emotional energy isn’t determined by genes or upbringing.-

  54. Emotional energy is in a way different from physical energy in that the more you give, themore you get back.

  55. People these days don’t lack physical energy.

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